Monday, 28 September 2009

My Own Ideas

What i will include:-
I am going to put together a magazine for a girls secondary school years 7-13. I am going to use an upcoming event to display my magazine. This will be the school ball at the end of october. I am going to use an image of a very made-up girl in a dress and tiara. This will include bold colours and a dim background so it stands out fully. I am using this image because this will attract the readers from the school and the way the image looks nice as the girlw ill be dressed up, will make the readers think how they want to look that good. Tips on hair and make-up will also be posted on the front cover as for a whole girls school, this seems appropriate and worth reading. I plan to make this magazine professional but fun and interesting.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Contents Page Research

Purpose of Contents Pages:-
I will now research contents pages and investigate each one for any striking features, colour choices, font size and style. The aim of a contents page is to list out what each page is in the magazine, basically the contents. This is conveyed by a whole page spread of each page number and the title of that page with a brief explanation of what it is about.

On this magazine contents page, this includes three seperate images, in which strike the reader straight away. The image at the top overlaps the contents lettering, and the images next to the writing are not straight which make it look more effective. The slanted wording makes it individual and different and therefore makes it eye catching to the reader. The colour features are good, as the background is black and the writing is white and bold aswell as the images. The font size is suitable as it is clear to read, not too big and clustered and not too small. The aim of this contents page is for the readers to actually read this page before starting the magazine on the following page to therefore see what it includes, and the way they have conveyed this, is by making it look interesting and bold and eye catching. This is also good as it is plain, imformative and not cluttered up.


For my final design of my magazine, my contents page will consist of very few images and plain but informative information. I will not make the page very cluttered up as the reader would not want to read it.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Front Cover Research

Starting My Research:-
I have started to research several school magazines on the internet. I will look in depth at these magazines and take basic things like layouts and features from them to add into my own one. I will look at three individual school magazines and comment on each feature, then i will compare with fashion magazines and what i will feature in my own one.

Magazine Analysis:- This magazine shows the image of a crosse team from a high school in america, this image is placed over the top of the title, which gives effect so it will catch the readers eye. Also, the writing and headings around the cover are easily readable, with a simple colour scheme, and the writing in the yellow bubble is added so this is the first thing that the reader will look at, aswell as the image and title. The same font has been added throughout, and the size changes depending on what is most important on the cover. This also includes what is on the inside of the cover, and although there is a lot of writing on the front cover, it is spaced out enough to be able to read so that the cover is not too clustered together. I am going to take this into account when creating my magazine.


Magazine Analysis:- This school magazine has a good medium close-up of students in uniform in a gymnasium at a school. The students look highly educated because of their posture and intellectual. The gymnasium is a good background setting for the magazine as it is basic and clear enough for writing to be entered over the top of this. The font is clear and easy to read, and also makes the magazine looks interesting. The title, also attracts the reader due to the font and also the way its straight but with a smaller title underneath in a sloped shape. The plain but bold colours also add to the effect to make it stand out. With little information on the front to explain whats in the magazine, makes the reader curious to open the magazine.


Magazine Analysis:- This magazine, however shows a whole image on the magazine cover, but still manages to clearly make the writing and font easy to read. This is the sort of image i'm looking for, as an event such as prom would be coming up in my school magazine, and so therefore an image of a girl dressed up with all hair and make-up perfect would be suitable and attractive to readers. This magazine is not too cluttered and i aim to use this approach also.



I have looked at the following magazine covers that caught my eye. I have noticed that each of these magazine covers has a specific medium close-up of a female figure. These could be seen as a stereotype of what girls are expected to look like and what clothes to wear as these are female magazines. Compared to the high school magazine above, these covers include similar features. Sky boxes are used to advertise specific important information included in the magazine, and text is inserted around the main image in different fonts and colours, to attract the reader to the different main parts. Vibe magazine above, attracted me as it includes a wild image that overlaps the title and is self explanitory for the magazines context. The plain but bold colours also help this to attract readers.

Initial Ideas

Target Audiences + Ideas

I’ve decided to interpret the brief as a magazine aimed at the whole school (girls) from years 7 - 13. This is because the magazine will sell more as there is more demand for a school magazine and so therefore more profit would be made from is due to the larger audience. I have decided to publish it at the end October, imagining that if it were to be published three times a year, before every half-term holiday.
The target audience interests for the magazine would be things like social events, exam tips, fashion, horoscopes/quizzes, music reviews and teacher pages. Events that could be more interesting to include in the magazine would be things like school discos coming up, sixth form proms and even the school's anniversary celebrations.

From these ideas, I have thought of three different images of a student in medium close-up for my front cover.
These are:-
- A sixth form student dressed up ready for prom (bold colouring, dull background to make her stand out, and tiara shining).
- A student holding an anniversary medal/trophy/card (looking excited, celebration colouring).
- A student listening to an iPod (iPod is bright, student looks sideways happy, this could be for a music review).

Brief: Preliminary Task

"Using Desktop Publishing and an image manipulation program, produce the front page of a new school/college magazine, featuring a photograph of a student in medium close-up plus some appropriately laid-out text and a masthead. Additionally candidates must produce a mock-up of the layout of the contents page to demonstrate their grasp of Desktop Publishing."